The cost of a bottle...

There are many question that I hear over and over in the tasting room.  "Do you crush the grapes like Lucy?"  Er.... no.   "What kinds of spices or flavorings do you use to make the wine taste like that?"  Just grapes!  Really!  

But one that is sometimes hard to answer is, "How do you come up with the price of a bottle of your wine?"  

It's hard to answer because so many factors go into that particular decision.  Some of it is baked into the cake:  as a small producer, I simply cannot compete with 2 Buck Chuck or other big, national brands on price.  Nor do I want to.  We make our wines by hand, in small quantities, from grapes that we've [personally!!] farmed and picked.  

I did, however, run across this article today, and it does help to de-mystify how wineries, large and small, come to these decisions.  It's worth a read.