About those sulfites...

This weekend, at one of the events I poured at, a familiar topic came up three times with three different people.  And it's a topic that comes up regularly in the tasting room:  what's up with sulfites?

I know some folks have strong feelings about sulfites; usually strong feelings against them.  But most people are either unaware of them or simply don't know much about them.  Today I came across a very good article about sulfites in wine, why winemakers use it and (take note) the difference between small producers and mass produced wine.  It's worth a read:


At Hanson Vineyards, we make acid-driven wines that, by their nature, require very little sulfite. We also aren't striving for absolute consistency, so even in our red wines, we use just a bare minimum.  And in my experience, that is the attitude of most small production winemakers... a little bit is good (even necessary to prevent off flavors) but keeping it to a minimum is essential to making quality, interesting wine.