A kindred spirit...

I love coming across articles written about folks that share my own thoughts and dreams.  If nothing else, it reassures me that I'm not {too} crazy.

This young woman, Megan Bell, is helping California embrace lesser known varieties of wine grapes... just like we're trying to do here at Hanson Vineyards in Oregon.  We're playing with different grapes, of course, as California's climate is quite a bit warmer than here in the Willamette Valley's cool side.  But the concept is the same:  there are hundreds and hundreds of grapes that make great wine... why do we always drink the same five or six??

Our most recent planting here on the estate is a small block of Golubok... a Russian/Ukrainian/Moldovan grape that is good in cooler climes and makes a rustic and hearty red wine.  I'm looking forward to seeing what it will do!