The cost of a bottle, Round 2

It's not a well kept secret that I'm a politics junkie.  I have a Master's Degree from George Washington University in political management.  The data and science of politics is my number one hobby.  So I'm a big fan of Nate Silver and his 538 website.  And that's how I came across this article

And that's the great thing about 538.  They cast their eye far and wide for interesting ways to look at data from a fresh perspective... to help make sense of the world... whether that's the next election or high-brow wine auctions.  It's a long read, but very interesting.

So we come back to the topic of the cost of wine:  how can reasonable people look at a dusty bottle of 70 year old fermented grape juice and come to the conclusion that it should cost thousands of dollars?

I think the author, Oliver Roeder, gets to the nub of the situation at the very end of the article:  the cost of the wine isn't necessarily related to it's value.  

Drink the wine that makes you happy.