Shipping wine.... ugh.

Shipping wine is fraught.  And ridiculous.  And stupid.  And, unfortunately, we basically can't ship to most folks anymore.

Here's the deal:  as a relic of post-Prohibition law, alcohol is highly regulated by each, individual state.  If I don't have a special permit, I probably can't ship to your state.  And sadly, that permit costs an arm and a leg... every year!  It's unaffordable for small wineries.

And now, the two main wine shippers(UPS and FEDEX) have decided to tell small wineries that unless they can prove they have all the legal documents beforehand, they won't ship.  They're also enforcing a policy that prevents wineries from dropping off wine at shipping points... making us pay them extra to pick up a wine shipment.  And they charge extra for the courtesy of shipping wine.  And even more to get a required signature.

All this helps two groups:  giant wineries and giant distributors.  Why?  Because it helps them hold onto their marketshare.  Giant wineries can pay a staff to do all the paperwork.  Giant distributors don't want wineries to be able to ship wine directly to consumers at all.  The current system works well for them.  But not us.

So from now on, we can only ship within the state of Oregon and to Minnesota and Washington, DC.  

I'm hoping to get compliant for shipping to California soon... but that will require some paperwork.  We'll see.